Docking Systems

These are brilliant equipment that bridge the gap (in terms of height and distance) between warehouse floor and a docked vehicle. We are industry's best suppliers of dock levelers with perfect measurements.
 Our dock levelers the most efficient equipment in industry which can also be customized on client's requirements.
 Desert Roofing has been marketing / selling docking systems for more than 40 years. Our experienced technicians manufacture durable, high quality and modular dock levelers. Safety is our primary goal and to ensure safety we make sure and provide best in quality dock levelers and thereby reduce your operational costs.


User friendly, Efficient, Low Maintenance,Cost effective,Durable, Prolonged lifespan, Safety.

Dock Shelters

Dock shelters are the effective solution for sealing off the gap between a loading bay and a docked vehicle. Every dock shelter is developed to serve the needs of a particular market branch and thereby they won their own characteristics. Our vast experience in the field of Docking Systems to make available flawless dock shelters with high quality materials. Our attractive dock shelters have the following advantages.
 Reduced illness rate, Safeguards goods, Lowers energy consumption,
 Durable, Long Life span.