Scissors lift suppliers

Scissor lifts are instruments that assists in lifting objects or individuals. These equipment moves vertically to transport the materials or people. These are mainly used in construction and manufacturing industry. Where working with levelers or ramps is not possible.
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Scissors lift functioning:

The body of the structure is known as pantograph and that functions like a spring which elevates the structure by applying pressure. The length and size of the scissor lift is defined by the environmental needs.
 The scissor lifts are moved through three mechanisms
  • Gasoline or electrically powered
  • Hydraulic lift
  • Pneumatic lift


  • Scissor lifts can be exclusively witnessed during firefighting scenarios
  • Helps labors to lift heavy load which otherwise needs to be done manually
  • Maintenance works in high rise building and structures
  • Warehouse and supermarkets makes use of these equipment to store items on tall shelf
  • Higher efficiency and productivity as more than one person can be transported at time
  • Higher safety in construction sites